Products & Services

Mobile & Internet Top Up
Instantly buy and/or transfer Air Time to a prepaid mobile (or to a prepaid Internet account holder). A key feature of PayHub is the ability to load your mobile phone by using the funds in your iMTWallet account. Simply use your Smartphone or tablet PC, or login to your account online through, and you will immediately be able to purchase credit for your phone or Internet service. It’s that easy, and that convenient.

Pay Utility bills
The convenience of paying bills anywhere, any time, as you want. PayHub is adding new billers (service providers) every month to deliver this important service to our account holders. We are already connected to several major billers, as we help re-empower the overseas worker and make bill payment more convenient for all iMTWallet account holders.

Send & Receive Money
Send Money to family and friends. There is an ever-increasing demand for money transfer both domestically and throughout the world. Until now, the cost of sending money, or remittance using the conventional MTO (Money Transfer Operators), has been VERY high. iMTWallet has changed that. As an iMTWallet account holder, you can instantly send money to any other iMTWallet account holder, anywhere in the world. The cost of the transaction is significantly cheaper than what traditional money transfer companies charge, with full disclosure of fees and charges.

International Prepaid Cards
In addition to the above mentioned products and services, we also provide the following International payment cards to our customers and partners:
     • Prepaid Mastercard (No KYC, valid for 2 years)
     • Prepaid Virtual Mastercard (No KYC, valid for 1 year)
     • Prepaid GLOBAL Mastercard (with KYC, valid for 3 years)

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